Kryptolesson #29

What is sustainability?

In this day and age sustainability has become an existential topic with a wide range of connotations. By definition, sustainability means “the lasting satisfaction of needs by means of the natural regenerative capacity of systems involved” (i.e. the ability of systems to sustain themselves, sustainability). From times of industrialization until today, the way we as humans changed to live resulted in such an overexertion of systems (especially those of living beings and ecosystems), that natural regenerative capacity is not sufficient to compensate for all that we as humans take out from these. As a result, these systems now start to collapse. The irony in this is that if we as humans do not allow ecosystems to naturally regenerate, i.e., letting them be sustainable, we slowly but surely and irrevocable destroy our own basis of life which nature elsewise provides so effortlessly. Accordingly, developing alternatives for more efficient resource usage are imperative to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Thanks to sustainability activists, the indispensable call for sustainability has eventually become mainstream and reached policymakers. Several far-reaching laws and ordinances (e.g. the Paris Agreement of 2015 ↗, the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development until 2030 ↗, the European Green Deal ↗, etc.) have been adopted to define and enforce a roadmap for re-establishing natural regenerative capacity, i.e. sustainability.Sustainability efforts are required within every field of human activity, therefore, also within economics and specifically inside the finance sector. Here, the novel SDFR regulation ↗ that is in force since March this year determines regulations for investment funds promoting and offering sustainable investment alternatives.

kryptobest includes sustainability considerations in its portfolio selection and is in line with the SDFR regulation. The instrument complies with the sustainability category of financial products as defined in SDFR Article 8. We see both a mission and responsibility in providing a facility for thoughtful investors that feel the ambition of meeting the sustainability challenge of our time and want to make returns on their investments at the same time.

kryptobest does not simply aim to provide any sustainable financial product. More than that, we believe in technological advancement as a means to true sustainability. Therefore, we invest into assets that are based on exclusively on PoS blockchain technology. Therefore, this instrument stirs toward a more sustainable future in a twofold way: first with only supporting assets that are sustainable by nature, and secondly, with supporting the technology that they run aground that itself has considerable potential to solve major sustainability issues.

Photo by Ian Dooley